Construction in Africa is very dynamic

In 2014, Africa construction sector attained a growth of 46.2%, showing to the world that bumper growth is unquestionably underway in the concrete industry of Africa. The value of projects under construction jumped from US$ 222 767 million in 2013 to of US$ 325 828 million in 2014, for a total count of 322 projects.  Needless to say, construction opportunities on the continent are countless‚Ķ If the sky may not be the limit, concrete definitely is.

Discover the specificities of the construction market in Africa, with some compelling facts and figures.


But the market is still fragile

Africa has therefore become very attractive to specifiers, in search for more and more proposals for building construction and rehabilitation. But although Africa is paved with good intentions, challenges are nevertheless substantial. So is shown by the way too extensive amount of building and structure collapses. Inadequate infrastructure still counts for the biggest part of the sector, and contractors need to comply by more stringent rules and select stronger materials to build a brighter future.

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And water issues need to be fully taken care of

Still a major subject" continues to preoccupy the few specifiers and contractors that invest in Africa's future: the worrying issue of water. Basis of life, water can indeed become problematic when confronted to non-waterproofed buildings: insalubrity and collapses threaten the best projects. Construction techniques clearly need to adapt to this specific continent, for a durable future.

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